City Towers - Premium Firewood Deliveries

The next generation of firewood for New Zealanders

 Starting from the ground up, we have created an entirely new way of heating your home with firewood delivered in a way designed to fit around your busy schedule to bring more convenience and options that better work with you.

Our City Towers contain 2 cubic metres of firewood compressed into a tower shape on a shipping pallet, and then wrapped tightly in a plastic wrap. 

What’s so good about City Towers?

 With each pallet comes a whole new level of convenience from quality, to ordering, through to a stack-free delivery, while bringing carbon neutral energy and supporting three New Zealand conservation projects to upkeep and restore our corner of the world.

CONVENIENCE: You cannot beat a fire when it comes to the ambiance and warmth it brings to the home, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or the energy to deal with the handling of firewood. The City Towers system has been designed to bring less effort, and more simplicity so you can enjoy the best form of low cost heating, without the hassle. 

QUALITY: Firewood quality is the single most important factor when it comes to low cost heating. The science of firewood is simple; more water equals less efficiency, and less efficiency equals higher cost heating.

PREMIUM DELIVERY: In Christchurch, our premium service is available, where we will deliver the City Tower using a mobile loader which can take the firewood where we have never been able to reach before. Whether it is in the garage or woodshed, along the fence, or outside the back door. Once it is where you want it, you can open the netting and retrieve your firewood directly from there with no need to stack it away. No more blocking the driveway, no more hauling wheelbarrows, and no more stacking!

REST OF NZ: We will be rolling out our premium service to more locations, but you can still order a City Tower no matter where you are. In most locations, we will be able to unload to a convenient area within your driveway or garage if accessible by road.

Doing our bit for the Environment

We are committed to using City Towers as a way to raise awareness and support for important New Zealand environmental projects. That's why for every City Tower purchase you can pick a charity for us to donate to. You can choose between native tree planting with Trees That Count, saving the Kakapo with DOC Kakapo Recovery or Keep New Zealand Beautiful who work on everything from beach clean ups, to picking up litter.

Read more here on how we do our bit for the sustainability and longevity our beautiful country.

We currently have a 3-5 week delay on deliveries for the City Towers.