Blue Gum Pizza Oven Wood - $149 per m3

Blue Gum Pizza Oven Wood - $149 per m3

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Made from larger, dense, kiln dried blue gum, which releases immense amounts of heat. It requires a good base to get going, but once alight, it will get the pizza oven, or other wood based ovens to the high temperatures needed for cooking.
Our Blue Gum Pizza Oven Wood has good coaling abilities to heat the floor of the oven and to keep emitting high heat, while reducing the flames to help avoid charring. 

Avoid resinous woods such as Pine to create the base. 

Cut to an approximate length of 14" (35cm)

Current pricing is for deliveries in January - February 2020 only. Call us on 03 359 9323 to talk about pre-payment options if you'd like to start pre-paying for your wood for the 2020 winter.