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Macrocarpa - $135 per m3

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Macrocarpa is a medium density wood which means it is still relatively easy to catch a flame, and can still be burnt by itself. It is slower burning than pine and other softwoods meaning it will last longer, and ultimately release more heat into the room over the duration of the burn. 

Macrocarpa mixes well with pine to give an easily maintained, hot, easy to burn mix. It can also be used to start the fire and create a good base for a hardwood such as Blue Gum delivering a very hot, long lasting fire. It can even be burnt on its own making it one of the most versatile woods on the market.

WOOD SIZE - We cut most of our firewood to be 10 - 12 inches (close to 30cm), this will be the size of the wood you order online. If you would like a longer cut of wood, please call the office on 03 359 9323 to place your order.