Prize Giveaway - $5000 worth of prizes to be won!

Prize Giveaway!

We are giving away $5000 worth of prizes! Anyone who gets wood delivered between the 6th of December 2021 and 31st of January 2022 go in the draw!

Prizes to be Won:

  • 1x Gold - $1000 Cash Prize!
  • 4x Silver - $250 City Firewood Voucher
  • 10x Orange - $100 City Firewood Voucher
  • 20x Black - $50 City Firewood Voucher
  • 50x Green - $20 Fire Starter Pack*

How it Works:

1. We have 85 prizes to give out until the end of January, every delivery between 6/12/2021 and 31/1/2022 has a chance to win!

2. If you find one of our specially coloured pieces of firewood in your delivery, you have won a prize!

3. Each week, 15 prizes go out. That's 2-3 prizes each day so a great chance of winning!

4. If you refer a friend who is not a current customer and they book in a delivery as well, then we will enter the name twice in the draw on the day of your delivery - giving you two shots at winning, and the same for your friend!

5. Any prize can be given at any time. Staff and winners are sworn to secrecy so the only way to find out if you have won is to get booked in, and with 2-3 prizes drawn each day, get in early while the days aren't so full for your best chance to win!

How to Refer:

You, and your friend, just need to let us know each others names - we'll handle the rest from there.

What do you do if you won?

Firstly, congratulations! Just call us ASAP to confirm your prize!

T's & C's:

  • The Fire Starter Pack consists of:
- 1x Bag of Kindling
- 1x Box of Firelighters
- 1x Box of Matches
  • For a referral you get entered twice. If you win on the first draw, you will not be drawn again.
  • Valid on deliveries between 6/12/21 and 31/1/2.
  • The Gold Prize winner must keep it a secret until the competition is over to be able to claim their prize!