Spring 2020 Giveaways

1x Pine City Tower + Premium Delivery
Valued at $260
Our City Towers are the are the next generation of firewood for New Zealanders. 2 cubic metres of wood, delivered on a shipping pallet that is wrapped tightly in a recyclable mesh - with our premium delivery service dropping the pallet into locations we haven't been able to before like your garage, or back yard.
For more details on our City Towers, including how we donate to three New Zealand charities, see here.
1x Planter Box & 2 bags of Screened Mulch
Valued at $200
One of our custom planter boxes, with two bags of our in-house produced Screened Mulch, made from the bi-products of processing our logs into firewood. 
This natural mulch is a hugely popular, cost effective garden cover. Use it to tidy up the look of your garden while also acting as a weed suppressant, soil conditioner, and moisture retainer. See here for our full range of Garden Supplies.
We are also running an additional Giveaway on our Facebook page!
All deliveries made in November and December will automatically be entered in the draw for one of two prize packs, if you come in to the yard to collect any wood just pass your details along to the team member at the till and you'll also be in to win!