Brazier wood mix - City Firewood Christchurch - Kiln Dried Pine for a hot, easy to light burn.
Pine Offcuts - city Firewood Christchurch - A cost effective option for your brazier

Brazier Wood - from $75 per m3

Regular price

Brazier wood is available for PICK UP ONLY.  If you would like a delivery, you can create your load by selecting which woods you want from the main shop. 

For brazier wood, we recommend burning our Kiln Dried Pine as a standard option (be sure to choose kiln dried), or timber off-cuts for a low cost bargain option. 

0.5m3 option available when picking up.

Standard: Kiln Dried Pine burned in a brazier gives a hot, fast burning wood which gives off a nice flame, which has minimal sparking. It won't smoulder out, and gives a far reaching radiant heat. 

Bargain: Pine off-cuts are smaller pieces which means they will burn faster, and require more re-stocking of the fire. Some pieces may fall through the sides of the brazier, and it is less attractive when burning. However this is a great cost effective option.