Blue Gum Firewood - City Firewood Christchurch - Kiln dried hard wood for an clean and efficient burn with high heat output
Blue Gum Firewood - Lightability - Burn-time - Heat Output - Cleanliness - City Firewood Christchurch

Blue Gum - $154 per m3

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Blue Gum is the main hardwood that we offer. When burned correctly, Blue Gum is the best firewood we offer all year round.

Being high density means that each piece of wood has more energy waiting to be released when compared to soft or medium woods. It burns for longer, and it burns hotter, and although more expensive per load, will last much longer, and works out to be very cost effective in the long run. 

Because of its high density, it requires a very good base to enable it to burn efficiently and therefore can not be burnt to its full potential by itself. Mix with soft woods such as Pine, or medium woods such as Oregon, Larch, or Macrocarpa to get a solid base fire up to heat. Then stoke with the Blue Gum to get a consistent, long burning fire . Because of its char-coaling attributes it can be used over-night to keep producing heat.

Due to the high density of Blue Gum it is difficult to dry naturally, which is why we only offer kiln dried Blue Gum, and that makes it one of the best firewood's you can buy in New Zealand.