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Oven Starter Wood - $124 per m3

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Oven Starter Wood orders under 1.5m3 are available for pick up only. You can still order online, simply choose the pick up option when purchasing, we'll put your wood aside and you can pick your wood up at your earliest convenience.

Made from finely split kiln dried Oregon, this is our top choice for getting your pizza oven started because it will not be detrimental to your oven, or pizza taste. The small pieces of medium density wood start easy and can build up the heat. This allows the denser pizza cooking wood to have a good base to ignite and take over.
Oregon is almost as good at catching the flame as pine, but doesn't come with the negative effects of pine. Pine has high sap, and oil content which can leave excessive soot in the oven and chimney, which can add undesirable taste to your pizza. 
WOOD SIZE - This specially cut Oven Starter wood is a fine split, and is 8-9 inches (approx 22cm).