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We are open for yard sales under Level 2 with a contactless drive-through service. 

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Pine is a popular wood because it is so quick to catch flame, burns efficiently and gives out a high heat. 
A soft wood, that gives off intense heat but is a quick burner, meaning you will have to pay more attention to your fire and load it more often. The attributes of Pine make it an ideal mixing wood, burn with either a medium wood such as Macrocarpa, or a hardwood such as Blue Gum.
Pine loves to be dry, which is why we offer our kiln dried Pine all year round. For a bargain, look out for summer specials when we sell air dried and DIY Dry Pine.
Call us on 03 359 9323 to talk about pre-payment options if you'd like to start pre-paying for your wood for the 2020 winter.
WOOD SIZE - We cut most of our firewood to be 10 - 12 inches (close to 30cm), this will be the size of the wood you order online. If you would like a longer cut of wood, please call the office on 03 359 9323 to place your order.
Not sure what level dryness to choose? Find out more about Firewood Dryness here.