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Before purchasing DIY Dry Firewood please read our page on Dryness options and the DIY Dry Instructions. When purchasing this wood you take full responsibility to ensure accurate drying. DIY Dry wood is only available for delivery in October - December 2018.

Larch is a medium density wood that is relatively easy to catch a flame, it can still be burnt by itself, but is slower burning than Pine and other softwoods meaning it will last longer, and ultimately release more heat into the room over the duration of the burn. 

Slightly less dense than Macrocarpa and therefore easier to light, but doesn't release as much heat or burn as long, however they are so similar that this is barely noticeable.

Larch also mixes well with Pine to give an easy to maintain, hot, fast, burning mix. Or can be used to start the fire and create a good base for a hardwood such as Blue Gum to deliver a very hot, long lasting fire. It can even be burnt on its own, making it one of our most versatile wood.

Not sure what level dryness to choose? Find out more about Firewood Dryness here.