Value Mix - from $105 per m3

Value Mix - from $105 per m3

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A 50-50 blend of kiln dried low density and medium density firewood’s.
This mix is easy to light and burns hot from the low density firewood which creates perfect conditions for the higher density medium wood to thrive which burns hotter and longer than softwoods such as pine.

Low Density Firewoods
- Poplar
- Young Radiata Pine

Medium Density Firewoods
- Larch
- Corsican Pine
- Macrocarpa
WOOD SIZE - We cut most of our firewood to be 10 - 12 inches (close to 30cm), this will be the size of the wood you order online. If you would like a longer cut of wood, please call the office on 03 359 9323 to place your order.