Firewood Box Subscription

Our Firewood Box subscription service is perfect for the busy household that doesn't have the time or space to stack their wood in bulk, and prefer the convenience and tidiness of boxed wood. 

Our four week long subscription service provides you with your chosen package of wood, delivered once a week on a Monday right to any door in the Christchurch area. 

Simply pay for a month upfront, and we'll start delivering your boxes the following Monday or an upcoming Monday of your choice. All pricing for Firewood box subscriptions includes shipping!

You have a choice of two, four, six or ten boxes a week for four weeks, and can re-subscribe for another four weeks at any time. The more you order the more you save! 4 boxes = 5% off, 6 boxes = 10% off, 10 boxes = 15% off.

Fire Starter Mix: 

Like kindling, but with a larger variety of sizes from very fine, to slightly chunky for a full coverage of the fire-starting process. Fire Starter Mix is Kiln Dried, and split rather than a sawn surface like traditional kindling, meaning it catches a flame much easier.


Kiln Dried to the optimal moisture level for maximum heat and burning efficiency, Pine is popular due to its high heat, ease of burning and low cost. It can be split into kindling, burned by itself, or it works well to compliment longer lasting firewood.

Blue Gum:

Kiln Dried Blue gum is the ultimate high intensity and ultra-long lasting firewood for home heating. Be sure to have some softer wood on hand to help the Blue Gum get up to heat.

Please check that you are in the Box Delivery Zone here - we can only deliver to these areas.

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