City Firewood - Product, Service & Support

City Firewood is intensely focused on delivering the best value for people and families who use wood burners. We focus on delivering value in three core areas Product, Service & Support.
The one thing you need to know to save money on your firewood is that there is no such thing as only wet, or only dry firewood - the drier the firewood, the less pieces you need to use to heat your home.

Dryness: City Firewood pioneered kiln drying firewood in New Zealand in 2000. Over 20 years later, we have refined the process & increased capacity over 1000% - meaning you can heat your home with less pieces of wood, giving the best value for money and health benefits.

  • Higher burning efficiency
  • Less risk of flue fire, and less chimney sweeping required
  • The kiln heat sterilises from bora, bugs & spores
  • Less smoke = better air quality, meaning better health for Christchurch citizens

Quality: City Firewood continues to invest and invent the most advanced firewood technology in New Zealand. Because of this we have:

  • Size control on the machines for more consistent product
  • Zero contamination handling & screening process - for no stones or dirt, and less debris
  • Quality control checks to oversee the process, and ensure deliveries are made in full

Product Range: We continue to add products to better meet your needs

  • Our supply network gives us more options, and better access to popular woods
  • Our specifically designed mixes take the guess work away
  • Our carefully selected accessories mean you can get your kindling, fire starters and matches with your firewood


Your life is busy enough without stocking up on firewood becoming a headache! We take care of the process from beginning to end, so you don't need to worry about it.

Dedicated Account Managers: This team are the magic behind the curtains - who coordinate everything, and keep you informed through the entire process.

  • With over 30 years of experience our expert advice is available 6 days a week, answering questions & creating your order with you.
  • We learn & keep records of your wood preferences, fireplace type, specific delivery instructions & obstacles so you get what you want, where you want it every time.
  • We take most forms of payment, including our 'Easy Pay' option - meaning you don't need to pay for a whole winters worth off wood in one go.

Superior Delivery Service: Our booking system gives you a dedicated date & time slot, with reminders the day before & the ability to text or call when the truck is on it's way.

  • With 9 delivery trucks and 4 different size categories, we ensure that we get the right vehicle for your driveway.
  • Our friendly delivery drivers do not just dump & run - we work with you to drop the wood as close as possible to where you want it, helping you cover it with your tarp if its raining.
  • Our new City Towers have added a whole new level of convenient service, offering stack-less delivery that is as easy as getting your gas bottle replaced.


We don't just disappear off the face of the earth after you have purchased your wood - unlike that seemingly too good to be true, cheap trailer of wood online - which is followed by a disappearing act.  Our team is available before, during and after you purchase our products.

After Sales Support: Our team is available to talk through any concerns & help identify any issues that are affecting performance.

This is followed up annually by a reminder to get your wood prepared in time for winter, avoiding you getting caught short & so you can take advantage of our off season pricing.

Product Guarantee: On the very rare occurrence an issue arises with our product, or you have any concerns at all, our customer care team investigates thoroughly - and if we are not satisfied with the product dryness or quality we will completely replace the remaining wood.