Firewood Quality Matters

The purchase price of firewood is only part of the picture. Most firewood is claimed to be "dry" but the level of dryness is not obvious.

Think of it like filling up your petrol tank. Would you rather pay $2.00 per litre, for 100% petrol, or $1.80 per litre, but it was 50% water? Firewood is similar to this as the more water in the wood, the less energy you get out of it. The energy, or ability to heat gets wasted by boiling off the water, and by not burning properly so that much of it is lost as smoke out the chimney. 

The level of dryness of firewood is the single most important factor when it comes to low cost winter heating because the higher moisture can double or even triple the real cost to the customer. 
At City Firewood, our focus is on the real cost of firewood to our customers. With over 35 years of specialising in firewood we provide the highest quality standard which means every piece of firewood is capable of more. 
Our intensive heating and drying process we carry out in our firewood kiln ensures that we dry the wood down to the best moisture level, so each piece of firewood delivers that much more. 
City Firewood is a certified Good Wood Merchant, and is quality checked randomly by Ecan for moisture content and has never failed a test. 

Below are just a few reasons why our firewood is unparalleled at releasing the heating potential of your firewood.  

City Firewood Dry Firewood Matters