Terms & Conditions

City Firewood Terms & Conditions

All City Firewood Customers fall under the below Terms and Conditions. By purchasing firewood, wood products and gardening supplies from City Firewood/City Gardens you agree and accept to have read and understood this page, and have a complete understanding of appropriate firewood care.

Firewood Care

We strive to get a high quality product to your door, but it’s important you give it the proper care to ensure you get the best from your wood when winter comes around. It’s easy to stack and forget, but we recommend keeping an eye on your firewood to ensure your storage area is doing a good job. This page has some basic information on general wood care, if you have any questions or concerns about your storage area please get in touch.

Wood Size

When it comes to firewood size, we give you a variety of sizes for all stages of a fire. We do our best to keep the sizing within a certain range but sometimes there will be some ugly ducklings in your load such as short or long pieces, skinny or chunky.

We recommend keeping an axe handy in case there are bigger bits that need splitting. Short and skinny pieces are great for an intermediate wood between kindling and chunky bits, which is a vital phase of getting the fire going and keeping smoke levels down.

Screened Wood

We screen all of our firewood to remove the smaller fragments that come about from processing the wood. There will always be some fragments in your load which makes for perfect kindling, and is also great for fire-stoking or reviving.

Fragments and fines fill gaps left between the larger pieces meaning they are always additional to a full load, i.e. you are not getting less firewood if you find you have a number of wood fragments in your load. If you are concerned about getting too many fragments in your load let us know so we can note on your file you prefer not to have them. 


Mould on firewood is generally considered harmless however if you are sensitive to mould here’s some ideas to help you avoid it: 

The best thing for preventing mould is sun, warmth, and good air flow. If you believe some bits of wood are growing mould, move the pieces out somewhere where they can dry off for a while.

Green, partially dried, or rain wet dry firewood all have the potential to grow mould if the moisture is not easily able to escape. If you’re concerned about mould, our Kiln Dried Firewood and a well ventilated storage area is best for you.

Pine is particularly sensitive to growing mould so keep a close eye on it and don’t leave it too long until you do anything. Even Kiln Dried pine can grow mould if it’s stored in damp conditions.

DIY Dry Firewood

When purchasing DIY Dry Firewood you take full responsibility to ensure accurate drying to prevent moisture content and mould. While we provide thorough drying instructions, there are additional factors out of our control that may prohibit the Firewood drying completely, and as such we are not liable to provide any refunds or returns on DIY Dry Firewood purchases. 

We recommend considering our Air Dried or Kiln Dried Firewood options if you have any doubts around being able to adhere to the DIY Drying Instructions, or about the environment in which you would be drying the wood. 

DIY Dry Firewood is only available for delivery between October - December. 

Fireplace Safety

Having your fireplace inspected and serviced yearly is important for ensuring your fire performs efficiently to get the most out of your wood, as well as keeping you safe and warm. A local, trusted company we recommend to customers is Chim Chim, who will not just clean your fireplace & chimney but give it a complete service and make repairs where needed - think of it as a warrant of fitness for your fireplace.

Concerns and Complaints

If you have any concerns with your firewood or gardening supplies, get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can help you avoid any problems that may occur further down the line.

Call us on 03 359 9323 or fill out our contact form here and we will get back to you.