Firewood Dryness Options


The “Do It Yourself” Dry is our lowest cost option, DIY Dry is Firewood that has been cut from logs and then delivered/picked up shortly after cutting. We provide you with drying instructions to guide you, allowing you to save by drying the wood out yourself.

Please note - with this option you take full responsibility to ensure accurate drying to prevent moisture content and mould. While we provide thorough drying instructions, there are additional factors out of our control that may prohibit the Firewood drying completely, and as such we are not liable to provide any refunds or returns on DIY Dry Firewood purchases.

Click here to read our DIY Dry instructions.

We recommend considering our Air Dried or Kiln Dried Firewood options if you have any doubts around being able to adhere to the DIY Drying Instructions, or about the environment in which you would be drying the wood.

DIY Dry Firewood is only available for delivery between October - December. For more information on this option, call us on 03 359 9323.

Air Dried

This is the low cost convenience option where we store the Firewood in our high air flow drying containers until naturally dried. This eliminates the handling required for a DIY dry, and means you can put it straight into storage where it can finish drying before the cold. 

Triple Seasoned

Logs that have been felled then stored for a period of time before being processed, this wood is dry and ready to burn.

Outside Kiln Dried

Our Outside Kiln Dried option allows you to buy a high quality dry product, but without paying the premium for being undercover. We have already knocked a years worth of air drying off with the kiln, but because it's outside, it has the potential to be rain wet. If you are not looking at burning the wood straight away, any rainwater will dry off in a few weeks leaving allowing you to buy kiln dried wood closer to air dried prices.

Note: Outdoor Kiln Dried is dryer than Air Dried

Kiln Dried

Our Kiln Dried Firewood range has been force dried at high temperatures which removes more moisture than possible with natural drying, creating a superior, hotter, and more efficient burn, which is ready to go whenever you need it.

Still not sure which is best suited to you? Give us a ring and one of our knowledgable, friendly staff will be more than happy to help you out!