Why Buy From Us?

Buying Firewood can sometimes be a risky game! The difference between buying good wood and bad wood can be the difference between heating your home in the most affordable way possible, or most expensive way possible – it really makes that much of a difference!

Dry Wood City Firewood Kiln dried


What’s worse, is that to most consumers it’s difficult to know how much they are really spending on heating their homes as the burning efficiency plays a much larger role than the per cubic metre price.

Moisture content is a killer! Even a difference of just a few percent less can be enough to make a huge increase to the amount of energy (heat) delivered to your home and not wasted out your chimney.

The word dry is used so loosely in the firewood industry and is often accepted as it’s either dry, or it’s not. The truth is that there is much more to it, and if you want to save on heating your home, it is so important to understand the difference.

25% Moisture, 20% Moisture, and %15 Moisture are all considered dry, but 15% moisture will deliver significantly more heat to your home than 25% as less of it is wasted. So it’s not just a matter of dry, but how dry?

On top of that, dry wood doesn’t just mean dry to touch. If it hasn’t been dried properly it will only be dry on the surface, and once the outside has burned off, it will be left with a wet core and spend the rest the time sucking up all the energy trying to dry itself off.  

It is for these reasons that we have New Zealand’s only Firewood Kiln, to ensure that our customers are getting what they pay for. Our Kiln rids the wood of moisture in a way that is unachievable by standard seasoning. With less moisture comes more heat and better efficiency, in other words, you pay less to heat your home.  

Our drying process is second to none but on top of this, we are open 7 days a week, our ordering process is simple, and all our wood comes pre-screened. We specialise in Firewood rather than have it as a secondary business so we have a large range of wood types and sizes and over 30 years of experience! We offer a great delivery service, free trailers to customers, and a self-loading area for people wanting to fill the boot of their cars.