Delivery Charges

City Firewood

You can mix and match different wood types in 1.5m3 loads up to 15 cubic meters delivered.  

Central Christchurch City suburbs have a flat rate delivery charge of $25, extra charges apply if you are outside the central Christchurch City area, the price for out of town delivery will be calculated when you checkout. 

 Load Size Charges
1.5 Cubic Metres from $65 Small Load Delivery Charge
3 Cubic Metres from $25
4.5 Cubic Metres
from $25
6 Cubic Metres
from $25
7.5 Cubic Metres
from $25
9 Cubic Metres
from $25
15 Cubic Metres
from $25


Note that our 1.5 Cubic Metre trailers are free to borrow with a purchase of wood. We can load your own truck or trailer, or you can use our loading bays to fill your own car at no charge. Boot loads are 0.5 cubic metres.

City Gardens

$50 delivery fee for local Christchurch area. Additional charges apply for further away drop off areas.