Firewood Categories

With so many different types of wood, it can be difficult to filter through all the information, and find what you are looking for. So we have put all of our woods into three different categories, to help you find the wood, that burns in the way you want it! 

Click on any of the categories to learn more, or to shop within the category. 

Bargain Woods: These are our lower priced woods. They are typically popular as they are easy to light, and burn hot, but usually burn out quickly meaning you go through it faster.

Flexible Woods: These are medium priced woods. They offer longer lasting burning than bargain woods, and they still have the benefit of being easier to light. 

Supreme Woods: These are our best woods on offer! They are more costly to buy, however they are so dense that they last for such a long time, and put out exceptional heat for longer, so are outstandingly good value. Because they are so dense they need a lighter wood to help get them started.