How To Use Our Website

We have made some big changes to our website to help make ordering easier and it is - we promise! However, we know that it is so different to what it used to be, that it can seem confusing at first. 

How do I use it? 

Everyone likes to look for what they want in different ways, so we have created multiple different ways for customers to find what they are looking for, but it all leads to the same place - our Firewood selection.

Finding what you want: We have created different sections to categorise our Firewoods, you can access these different sections using the Firewood menu at the top of the page. The main ways to search within our regular selections is by the traditional method Wood Types, or our new method of Wood Categories. Wood types allows you to view soft, medium, and hardwoods. Our new method of Wood Categories is less about what type of wood it is, and more about how each type of wood behaves. 

You can also view our accessories, and specialty firewood under the same firewood menu. 

Creating your order: Once you have found the woods you want to order, you can now add them to your "cart". Select the first wood you want to add, by clicking on the product. Within the product page, you can choose how many cubic meters you want of this wood, select your preferred size option, and the dryness level (only Kiln dried available during Autumn and Winter). When you are happy, click on the "add to cart" button and it will add your selection to the cart on the right side of the page. Now go and find the next wood you want to add, and repeat the process. It's that simple! You can add kindling and other accessories to your order too! 

Completing your order: Once your cart is complete on the right hand side, click the checkout button. Enter your information, and it will take you through the checkout process. 

Why the change?

Ordering made easy: We have made it easier for everyone to order whether it's on a phone, tablet, or computer.

More combinations: Unlike before, where we needed to guess at the combinations our customers wanted, you now have flexibility like never before to build your truck load exactly how you want it. 

More information: With so much misinformation out there, our new website is packed full of useful information to help you get what you want, and learn why buying the right wood can have a huge impact on your heating bill!