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ULEB Burner - $92.50 per m3

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This price is part of our spring specials, and lasts until December. For Summer pricing and delivery between January - March 2018, see our Summer Delivery woods here.
Our ULEB Burner is specialty wood which is optimised for modern ULEB (Ultra Low Emission Burner) and LEB (Low Emission Burners). 
Shorter, and less chunky to ensure maximum airflow in the burn chamber, we have selected Oregon which is an ideal medium-soft wood which lasts slightly longer than Pine, and emits a more comfortable and longer lasting warmth for your home than Pine, and it burns cleaner too.
Our ULEB burner is Kiln Dried so it has been sterilised from bugs and is Guaranteed dry. 
Note: If you have a larger firebox we recommend using woods from our regular range. 
Not sure what level dryness to choose? Find out more about Firewood Dryness here.