Staff Updates - Covid-19 Lockdown

UPDATE: 12/08/2020

We are back to level 2 for at least 3 days. This update contains information for changes required for the next three days. Ignore older updates at this stage. 

All Staff

  • Keep physical distancing of 2 metres from people you don’t know when out in public or in retail stores. Keep 1 metre physical distancing in controlled environments like workplaces, where practical.
  • Wash hands regularly using proper hygiene practises (with soap, at least 20 seconds)
  • Machine and equipment sharing is fine.


  • Drivers to distance 2m from customers. Dockets must be placed in letterboxes rather than by hand.

Drive through area:

  • Contact tracing starts again – contact details recorded on drive through
  • Load boot load bins 2 apart where possible for distancing – consider using the wooden boot load bins/add more if it gets busy.
  • Re-establish hand sanitiser stations for drive through customers
  • Use the tray for handing over the eftpos machine. Cash will be excepted. Person handling cash to sanitise hands regularly/ wear gloves.


  • Offer invoices to be sent via email

UPDATE: 14/04/2020

Please ensure you return the bottles of disinfectant back to outside the office once you have finished. This is so they can be refilled, and so there is enough available for everyone to use. There is only so much to go around, and currently not enough for one bottle per person (although we are trying to get more in).

We have been given approval to bring logs in from forest stockpiles as of today, so expect that some more log movement might be coming in.

We are nearly three weeks into the isolation period, thank you for the hard work to date. Even though the (hopeful) end is in sight and Covid-19 case numbers are decreasing, now is the time to make sure we don't slip with hygiene and social distancing practices. The stricter we stay with our current safety practices, the sooner we as a business and a country can get back to normal, so keep doing what you're doing.

We are getting positive feedback from happy customers every single day, so as a team we are all doing a great job, so your hard work is not going unappreciated, thank you.

UPDATE: 06/04/2020

 The gate near the office is now permanently ajar for the day. Please use this gate so you can enter and exit the site to your vehicles without touching the it. 

UPDATE: 03/04/2020

For those who want it, here is a confirmation of our business being allowed to operate. 

Here is a new FAQ for suggestions coming in. 

UPDATE: 29/03/2020 4:03pm

Staff Suggestions

  • There is now an online form for staff, contractors, and temps to all make suggestions and report issues anonymously so we can better identify risks. Click here to make a submission. We need everyone's eyes, ears, and brainpower to make this work so please use this whenever you see or think of anything.


  • We have now employed a cleaner who will be cleaning and disinfecting the toilets and Smoko room at the main yard, and the toilet at the kiln. Please give her space and do not enter areas while she is cleaning. 

New Requirement

  • To limit commonly touched items, we now need everyone to bring their own basic supplies to work if they want it (i.e. milk, tea, coffee). Everyone will receive an additional $10 per week allowance to cover the cost of these items.

UPDATE: 28/03/2020 2:37pm

Delivery Vehicles

  • Now staying in same vehicles for the day and no switching. If switch absolutely necessary, full clean of cab area with disinfectant before use. 

Update on Robbie

  • What I thought was asthma is actually a respiratory infection. As a precaution I was tested for COVID19 on Wednesday and as expected the result was negative when it came back on Friday. However, protocol for anyone tested is to isolate until symptoms dissipate. So unfortunately I'm locked at home for probably another week or two (hopefully not that long!). Please anyone don't hesitate to call me anyone if you want to talk or discuss anything. Bali and Leanne running things on the ground, and I will be providing all the support I can from home! 


UPDATE: 26/03/2020 6:15pm

  • Amazing work by everyone today! Across the board from office staff problem solving and working hard from home, and everyone out at the coalface with some incredible adapting and organisation! An unbelievable amount of work was achieved today it will go down in the history books. I'm very proud of everyone today adapting so quickly, and for the most part getting behind the changes. 
  • I have been getting reports of some staff not taking the social distancing rules seriously. Whether you personally believe it is important or not, strictly 2 METRES must be maintained AT ALL TIMES. Staff please text me directly tomorrow the names of anyone not taking this seriously enough and I will get in contact with them immediately. 

UPDATE: 26/03/2020 12:24pm

  • Please remember that it is important not only what you do at work, but what you do at home. At this time you shouldn't have any contact with anyone outside of who lives at your home. 

UPDATE: 26/03/2020 10:37am 

  • Keeping use of large forklift to Bali only.
  • Corey to stay in B3 only and not operate other machinery. 

UPDATE: 7:55am Thursday 26 March 2020

Remember all to continue to work safely. At a time like this it can be easy to relax on other H&S requirements, but it's more important that ever that we continue to operate safely. 

UPDATE: 7:19pm Wednesday 25 March 2020

We have great news, MBIE has officially confirmed that Firewood is an essential service, so we will continue to operate through the lockdown. Thank you all for your continued work during this uncertain time for us all. We are so glad that we are able to stay open and keep everyone on full incomes and keep everyone busy!

Original Post:

We have an important task ahead to get as much wood out as possible as quickly as possible for the homes that need it and that requires every person to give it their best. On top of this, we need to implement strict measures to we as a company do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19 either internally for your own well being, but more importantly to the community, where people at risk could be exposed. 

It's an important time for us all to pull together and do what we can but for this to continue we really need you all on board following the below protocols and to take them seriously, regardless of if they seem excessive or not.

We appreciate all of you working through this strange time, and in appreciation of everyone putting their all in and doing what is necessary, (assuming we can continue to operate) there will be a $500 bonus for all staff at the end of the isolation period. 

First and foremost, these are the most important measures above all that you need to follow at ALL TIMES, NO EXCUSES.
  • Keep a physical distance between yourself and others of at least TWO METRES at all times where possible. Please don't get slack on this, it's really important.
  • No one, under any circumstances is to enter the office other than Leanne. If you need to talk to Leanne, knock on the door behind her desk, stand back by the smoko room door and wait, she will open the door when she can and you can talk to each other with a 2 metre distance between you.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with warm soapy water regularly, and especially before eating or touching your face.
  • Anyone who is feeling sick or has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 needs to call Robbie immediately.


Do not clock in or out on the till.

You have all been given time sheets, fill them out and ether take a photo or list your hours for each day of work and send to Veronica every Monday: or 021 500 266


Leanne will put the RTs outside the office in a box in the morning. Before using your RT, clean it with the spray on the chopping block. When you have finished with your RT for the day, clean it again with the spray on the chopping block and put it back in the box outside the office so they can be charged over night.


We are going to minimise the changing of people on equipment and implement cleaning if changing takes place. 

Some machinery is going to be shared, we will keep this to a minimum where possible. For shared machines, they are to be wiped down thoroughly both before and after use.

For the most part, this is who will be working on each machine:

Bali: Sennebogen, WA320, Big Forklift

Corey: B3, any processing machine after 4pm

Chris: Multitek

Gurwinder: WA100

Jason: TB900, B1

Nathan: Pilkie

Marcus: EJS, Big Forklift, WA320

Jordan: WA320, Small Forklift

Scott: TLC 1300

Use the spray on the chopping block to clean the diesel pump, and any other commonly used surfaces.

Any new temps working in the yard need to be told about these cleaning protocols.


Leanne will be the only person working in the office, Maddy and Margot will be working from home.


Gurwinder - Leanne will leave the truck slips in the box where the RTs are going to be kept.  


Clean common surfaces in your vehicle before and after use, with the spray bottle on the chopping block.

Delivery slips will not be left with customers, keep your docket in your bag and dispose of them at the end of the day. If a customer requests a docket, we can email it to them. 

Delivery drivers are not to get closer than 2 Metres to customers. They will be notified ahead of time not to approach you. All payments from now on are done online, there will be no cash, or cheque. 

Where possible, delivery drivers will stay in the same vehicle and be re-loaded rather than switch vehicles.  


Wash your hands after using the loader, especially at the end of your shift. Use the new PPE provided so there is no sharing. Keep your distance when changing shifts and communicating. 


Ensure you keep your distance at smoko times with other staff members in the smoko room. We recommend no more that 2 people from on site workers in the smoko room at all times, and to achieve this you will need to stagger timing. 
For delivery drivers, having your lunch in your vehicle is recommended. 
We understand this will be lonely, so if you can find an area on site where you can catch up with more space, and less things to touch, you are welcome to do so. 
Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating and toilet breaks. 


World Health Organisation doesn't recommend using a mask if you are not sick. If you wear a mask and touch a contaminated surface, you can breathe in the particles. More info here 

If you feel more comfortable wearing gloves, do. Just remember that this alone will not protect you from getting sick so you still need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating or touching your face and don't touch your face with your gloves. 

More info on safety gear here


If you have any concerns or questions, please text or call Robbie so we can address it immediately. It is our number one priority to keep you all healthy and safe. His number is 027 444 8588.