Staff Q&A

Lot's of great comments and suggestions coming in. Where appropriate, I have put suggestions and responses below. 

Suggestion/Comment Answer/Comment
Will we be getting letters with city fire wood letterhead for going to and from work if stopped by the police to say why we are travelling while ban is on? There has been no official word of having a documentation to carry around but police are checking people to makes sure it's essential, so it can't hurt to have the information. Click Here to access the information we have received. This link is also available from the main staff page. 
Give each driver their own personal disinfectant squirty bottle and paper towels which they can take with them If they must swap vehicles. Paper towels as opposed to rags so as to dispose of regularly. When going to the toilet, take your spray bottle with you to disinfect all touched surfaces before and after going. Good ideas. It is difficult to get our hands on such a large amount of disinfectant, and we have also tried getting mini spray bottles, but nothing will arrive until after the lockdown. In response to this we visited multiple supermarkets and put more bottles about. We have plenty of rags that can be used and disposed of if need be. 
The Drivers are wondering if it would be easier if the regulars take the battery packs for the RT'S home to charge & save all the washing down. It would depend on how many drivers & how many RT's we have available. Not sure howit would work but just an idea. Another good idea. This is fine to do if you are driving regularly. 
Instead of paper invoices/receipts used for loading trucks and for drivers to take for delivery, use a digital form that can be texted/emailed: All written records to be converted to digital: eg where previously load information was recorded on written forms that were handed over in person,photos of the form (which remains with the person who completed it) will besent by email/SMS Another good suggestion, but not something that can be done practically during this period. It would be a good idea for us to work toward in the future in out systems.